We partner with our dogs to collect cigarette butts in San Diego neighborhoods to eliminate cigarette waste and protect our beautiful coastline.
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1. Do I need a dog to participate?

No, bringing a dog is not required. We welcome all people to join in the cleanup activities.  Although, you do have to bring a dog to qualify for a prize.

2. What do dogs have to do with environmental cleanups?

Please read our blog post "Job Posting: Dogs needed for environmental protection" to find out why your dog wants to get involved. 

3. Do dogs find the cigarette butts?  And what if they eat them?

We would be impressed with owners who teach their dogs to find cigarette butts.  Cigarette butts are everywhere so you should be able to find them easily - and your mutt may find interest in locating a few for you once he knows what you are looking for.

Please do not allow your dogs to eat cigarette butts.  They are filled with toxins that will make your dog sick. 

4. Where do the cigarette butts go after the campaign?

We ship the butts to TerraCycle.  A company in New Jersey that turns our waste products into new materials.  The cigarette butts will be recycled into new recycle bins or other products. 

We want to prevent more waste accumulation in our landfills by placing products back into a recycle path.

5. Ooooh... I thought we were cleaning up the beach... Can we still clean the beach?

Most of our trash is accumulated inland, which is why we are focused on the "sidewalks" of San Diego.  Also, there are dog restrictions on most beaches.  If you choose to go on the beach with your dog during the non-permitted hours we are not responsible for your negligence. 

We ask you to keep to the sidewalks! 

6.  What is required to volunteer?

We ask that you bring your own bucket or reusable trash sack, a garden glove or picker.  We will have minimal tools onsite for people who forget.

7. How does my donation help the cause?

All donations will go back into hosting more events, including more cleanup tools to give away.  We have had very gracious organizations around San Diego provide cleanup tools to ensure our success!

Fact:   1900 cigarette butts equals 1 pound

Reusable Trash Sack with Cigarette Butts

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